Biografia, Melissa Castillo

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My name is Lina Melissa Castillo was born on August 31, 1996 in Marquita.

My father Mauricio Castillo, My Mother Nancy Esperanza Aguirre Rubio And my sister

Lizeth Castillo Aguirre were devoted to nurse from that moment I was born.

I have lived all my life in the cord, make my primary education in the school based Isidore

"La Salle", I do not really remember very well in my studies after I started my primary

school in the San Isidoro educatica institution where I am studying eleven

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My family is comprised of my Mother: Nancy Esperanza Aguirre Rubio who is 47 years

old, has dark skin and is a very good friend, for my father: Mauricio Castillo who is 46

years old, fair skin, short of stature and somewhat fat,and a little fat and finally my dog Pinky who is very

playful and annoying.

This is my dog who is called Pinky winky born on July 12, 2008 in Girardot - Cundinamarca Her

parents are Trosquy and Rayza, a friend gave it to me five years ago to start my mom did

not want him but eventually he came bond of love Like eating out Nutrican leash, is very

rude and is a bit old and sick but I hope you still do not leave my side

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Well they are my friends Angie Karina Reyes and Laura Tatiana Garcia have shared with

them my best and worst moments have been people who have been with me for a long

time and really taught me the meaning of the word friendship and I hope that in a future

does not come to lose touch and that we are the same people always cheerful and charismatic

What I like to do is walk around and try to learn what I can but I love boating and I had fun

that day they visited the Prado Dam and my friends do swimming competition and a

series of penances, I met more person but what I liked most was the food, crops and fish

some sun.

in the future I see myself as an engineer for Petróleos already done and working with a

large oil company having a good salary I would love to get to meet this Tucked it's a

tough race but I know nothing in life is easy and always looking to play forward and fight

with all future and get to help my parents.

The University Surcolombiana "USCO", is a national public university funded primarily by

the Colombian State's mission is to produce, adapt and disseminate scientific

knowledge, technical and humanistic effectively serve the understanding and solution of

relevant problems of integral development equitable and sustainable.

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